Feed the family with some pasta from our Pasta Ala Carte under our Catering Menu

Hot Appetizers


                        Buffalo Shrimp:  $1.50 each

                        Stuffed Mushroom (Sausage or Bacon):  $15 per dozen

                        Mac & Cheese:  $35/$60

                        Party Wings with Celery and Blue Cheese:  $12 per dozen

                        Italian Sausage Bites with Peppers & Onions:  $15 per pound

                        Crab Cakes:  $1.50 each

                        Chicken Tenders (plain or Buffalo):  $75 for 50

                        Franks and Blankets:  $85 for 100

                        Breaded Cheese Ravioli:  $10 per dozen

                        Sesame Chicken Bites:  $20 for 2 dozen

                        Mini Calzones:  $12 per dozen

                        Spinach Sausage Puffs:  $12 per dozen

                        Mini Sausage Quiche:  $15 per dozen