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  Martino's is a great Italian-American restaurant offering a wide-ranging menu and full service bar. We feature the finest food and drinks all at reasonable a cozy, inviting atmosphere where you can kick back and relax.

  Besides being famous for our excellent food, old world family recipes and generous portions, especially our giant 2-ft hoagies, we're a great place to watch
  the big games
on any of our 31 televisions. Enjoy all the sports action with a cold one and some of our signature appetizers, including our Pittsburgh
  Style Chicken Wings.

  If you're not in the mood to cook, take a break from the kitchen and check out our extensive carry out menu.


Need an event catered, from casual to elegant? Birthdays, anniversaries or any event, we can do the work for you. Whether your event is large or small,
 call us. Martino's Catering is your answer!

Now that you visited us on the web, visit us in person.

Sunday-Saturday: Open Daily at 11am

  Come with your friends or make new ones at Martino's.

  We're easy to find and conveniently located just two blocks east of UC in the 'Short Vine' district.

Phone: 513-221-8487

We Accept Credit Cards
We Accept Credit Cards

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UC Students

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The 9 Best Steelers Bars in the World Outside of Pittsburgh:
#3 Martino's on Vine - Cincinnati

As a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers, your love for the Black and Gold knows no limitations. You know the team's history better than your own family lineage. You've memorized this season's schedule and roster. You NEVER miss a game. In fact, there's a better chance that hell freezes over, or Cleveland wins the Super Bowl, before you miss a game.

Of course you're not alone, The Steelers Nation is a global group. From coast-to-coast and around the world you're never far from a fellow Steeler fan, or a Steeler-friendly bar.

And just in case you find yourself out-of-town on game day, we went ahead and compiled a list of the best places to watch a Steelers game, outside of Pittsburgh.

Keep in mind, these places aren't another sad sports bar tuned into any old NFL game. No way! These establishments provide a top notch Stiller watching experience, complete with the Steelers Polka, Terrible Towels and echos of "Heeeee-TH" when Big Ben hits the check down.

The 9 Best Steelers Bars Outside of Pittsburgh:
3. Martino's on Vine - Cincinnati
September 11, 2014 Source: Fittburgh...

Martino's On Vine Pittsburgh Steelers' Page

A Long Drive But Well Worth It: Martino's on Vine, Cincinnati, OH


The drive from Kokomo to the Hampton Inn and Suites on Vine Street in Cincinnati was as painless as the earlier leg and we made it to our room about time for a walk down Short Vine at the edge of the University of Cincinnati campus. We found Martino's on Vine and took a quick peek inside in anticipation of our meal later on.  While it had the feel of a sports bar, we could also see a dining area away from the bar with booths and tables, one of which was going to be our spot that evening.

At the time we were there, Short Vine was undergoing a pretty major facelift with new condos, new sidewalks and a general makeover.  The area certainly had the feel of a college campus, lots of kids wandering about and some youth-based shops and a concert venue theatre.  It was remarkably busy for a Tuesday afternoon and it was an interesting walkabout.

After freshening up at the hotel, we made it back to Martino's at 6:30ish and had no trouble finding an out-of-the-way booth and were greeted by our server, Kayla.  We ordered a bottle of their house cabernet and once again were challenged to make a decision as this Martino's menu is quite extensive as well.  We were interested to see that homemade gnocchi was an option and because that's something our family makes, we were tempted to try it.  Carol asked Kayla if we could get a small sample plate and Kayla accommodated us so we opted for Baked Ziti (Carol) and Sausage Saccotino (for me) as our entrees.  The red sauce on the gnocchi and both entrees was fantastic...a family recipe once again.  And while Carol was only able to finish half her generous portion of the ziti, I polished off my saccotino, even though it too, was very large.  Both entrees were fantastic and the salad, garlic bread and breadsticks were a great accompaniment, as was the wine.  All in all, a great meal in a relaxed atmosphere.


At some point during the evening, we told Kayla our surname and thankfully, owner Martin Angiulli found time to come see us at our table so we were able to share our reason for our visit that night. It was during that conversation that we found that this Martino's is named after Martin's father, Martin, Sr. 

The name Martin in Italian is, of course, Martino so because the family felt that Martino's is easier to pronounce and possibly remember than "Angiulli's", they opted to name the restaurant as they did.

An interesting aspect of the Martino's on Vine story revolves around how the business got to Cincinnati. Martin's son Marty (Martin III) attended the University of Cincinnati on a football scholarship and Martin, who owned a restaurant in Ford City, PA, decided to expand and opened Martino's on Vine to be closer to his son. He retains the business in Ford City, called Night Court, and travels between the two establishments regularly. So the fact that Martin was in town the night we were there was not lost on us. We feel fortunate to have met Martin and had a chance to get to know him and his family.


The Angiulli's are from Bari, Italy, a coastal city near the “toe of the boot” and Martin's father came to this country as did my grandfather, looking for work and settled in Pittsburg, PA, working in the coal mines.  Martin, pictured left, remembers growing up in a “family” neighborhood, just as I did and though our surnames are different, this Martino and I have much in common.  I was reminded of the bonds that Italian families had in this country in the early part the 20th century, living closely in ethnic neighborhoods in cities and in small towns like Roanoke, Illinois.   Just as music and other art forms can connect people who don't even know each other, our common heritage can nearly instantly make us feel like a part of a new family.  It did for us this November evening.  And I have a deep instinct that your name doesn't have to be Martino to be treated thusly at Martino's on Vine.  I think the warmth of the Italian seed buried within the Angiulli family comes out with each meal served.  You can taste can feel it.

Carol and I thank Martin, Marty, Patty, Belinda, Kayla and all the folks at Martino's on Vine for another wonderful memory and while we hope the rest of our “Martino's” experiences live up to these first three, it will take some doing.  But we look so forward to the journey.  See you next time!

Excerpt from Good Life Destinations

Mop & Steelers HC Mike Tomlin
Mop & Steelers' Steeler's HC Mike Tomlin

Ron Cook talks Martino's
on KDKA 93.7 4/8/15

Steelers  Martino's On Vine  Steelers
Martino's On Vine: Cincinnati's Home for the Pittsburgh Steelers
Pittsburgh Steelers

Watch All of the Games Here
Watch All of the Games Here

KDKA Radio Pittsburg

Listen to the audio Steelers Fans in Cincinnati
Marty (Mop) Angiulli, owner of "Martino's on the Vine" in Cincinnati, talks to Larry and John on KDKA Radio about the upcoming Steelers vs. Bengals game and the number of Steelers fans in Cincinnati! (11/11/09)

Pittsburgh Steelers

Martino's On Vine Pittsburgh Steelers' Page
Martino's On Vine Pittsburgh Steelers' Page

Pittsburgh Steelers' Trivia Quiz

Pittsburgh Penguins
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Cin WeeklyDining : This Week: Martino's on Vine


Deck the Walls

Frame your sports jerseys and memorabilia at Deck the Walls, Kenwood Place, 7747 Kenwood Road (Across from Kenwood Towne Centre) Cincinnati, Ohio. Call them: (513) 984-1222. Mention Martino's and receive a 25% DISCOUNT on your framing.

Deck the Walls is the Tri-State's headquarters for framing sports collectibles. They do an incredible job and there is nothing that they can't frame. No one does it better and no one does it for less. Specialists in art, custom framing, design and wall decor.

They also have a tremendous selection of Steelers' pictures and other Steelers' items.


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